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Tell your carbon removal story to an audience of policymakers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals

The Carbon Removal Show is the #1 podcast dedicated to carbon removal

  • The place for the carbon removal conversation: other shows are great, but being broadly “climate” means the focus on carbon removal is diluted
  • Insights from depth: we have the space to tackle the depths of carbon removal beyond just “people should do it more”
  • Quality, not quantity: each episode is “NPR style” with weeks of research, interviews, fact checking and sound design

Season One laid the foundation for understanding carbon removal

  • Why it’s important
  • The pros and cons of different solutions (trees; regen ag; BECCS; DAC)
  • Barriers to mass adoption (technology; finance; public perception)
  • Discussions with 25 industry experts including business leaders, engineers, the Head of XPRIZE, and an IPCC report author

Season Two asks the tough, but important questions

  • Why have some carbon offsetting schemes gone wrong? What can we learn?
  • How to account for biodiversity and not just carbon sequestration?
  • Where is the supply? What’s needed for more carbon removal projects?


Content opportunity

We interview an organisation (you?) that is removing carbon as part of a net zero pledge.

We discuss what challenges there were to achieve internal buy in to go ahead with the policy

This lays the foundation for the rest of the episode to explore the challenge, and how others can overcome it.


For example “How to verify carbon”

  • Discussion with Global Head of Environmental Protection at AstraZeneca
  • Talk about how a big challenge in their Ambition Zero Carbon strategy was getting alignment to ensure that carbon offsets are legitimate (to avoid accusations of greenwashing)
  • This sets up the episode to explore carbon markets, and solutions to verify

The audience you will be speaking to

TCRS listeners broadly fit into four categories

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Policymakers/ Think tanks/ Investors
  • Climate curious consumers
  • Companies looking to buy carbon removal offsets

All are interested in incorporating carbon removal into their (professional) lives and so appearing on the show will mean being heard by people sharing carbon removal best practices

Location & Device

~45% USA; ~35% UK; ~20% ROW


~37% aged 28-34; ~40% aged 35+


65% male; 33% female

The exciting thing about podcasts are that when done well (see below) sponsor messages uniquely cut through to listeners


Some of the organisations who subscribe to our newsletter

Audience size

There are two aspects to think about regarding audience: now and the future

Season One of TCRS gained over 10,000 listens in its first 90 days through organic traffic. Since then, the show gets ~4,000 listens per week with zero marketing effort.

Sponsorship funds from Season Two will be used for marketing to grow the show further, through creating a menu of SoMe assets and pushing these via paid campaigns.

The combination of this, plus the content’s longevity makes us confident that Season Two episodes will get 25,000+ listens + engagement via SoMe

Content guidelines/ rules

Genuine: a discussion where we talk about real problems. This isn’t an infomercial
Helpful: listeners can take away practical advice on how to encourage their organisation to make (and keep) a net zero pledge through carbon removal
Honest: listeners will be told this is a paid feature to not undermine their trust in us

What’s the value for you?

  • Publicity: for your organisation to an audience who spread best practices of carbon removal
  • Thought leadership: by moving the conversation beyond announcing a target to discussing the practicalities of implementation to inspire others
  • Evergreen content: you can repurpose across multiple platforms
  • Bonus 1: we also write a content-rich guest post that you can use in your content funnel that gives additional depth/ commentary to the work you are doing
  • Bonus 2: you have the option to appear as a guest on our “Season Finale webinar” about how to get more organisations to decarbonise. Another opportunity to present your initiative to a super relevant audience

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