S2 #8 | Aledade's carbon removal story: How can smaller companies do more in this space?

It's not only big names like Microsoft who are addressing their impact on the climate crisis, there are lots of smaller organisations appearing on carbon removal buyer lists too!

This week's episode puts a spotlight on Aledade, a US healthcare services organisation with an interesting philosophy and strategy behind their carbon removal purchases.

We speak to Will Palmisano, Head of Aledade's climate committee, to learn more about their carbon removal mission, how they’re going about it and what their work can teach us about how companies of all sizes can get involved in carbon removal in a meaningful way.

Please note that since the recording of this episode the stats quoted from CDR.fyi have been significantly superseded. Visit CDR.fyi for the most up to date statistics.

Thanks to Aledade for sponsoring the episode and for sharing their story.

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