S1 #9 | What's next for carbon removal... and how can I help?

Contents: introduction, guest appearances, further reading, transcript, sources, credits

Now you've discovered what carbon removal is all about, what are you going to do next?

In this finale, we have brought together a mix of carbon removal-related inspiration:

  • An interactive game to help us all understand the road to gigaton-scale carbon removal
  • A reflection on how COP26 left the carbon removal space (spoiler - we really do need it and we really do need it now)
  • An array of stories from our guests of how they found their groove in the carbon removal space
  • Our top tips for how you can continue your carbon removal journey, whatever stage you're at

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This episode's guests

Many thanks to our excellent guests throughout this series. In this episode, we hear again from Aldyen Donnelly (of episode 3 fame), Harriet Rix (episode 2), Diego Saez-Gil (episode 2), Apoorv Sinha (episode 7) and Katherine Romanak (episode 5).

Want to delve deeper now you've listened to the show? Look no further than the list below of articles, podcasts and other resources which we mentioned in the show.

Our Reading List & Sources

NamePublisherPublishing/Release DateSourceSummaryTag(s)Type
We can’t let markets decide the future of removing carbon from the atmosphere
Carbon removal at COP26 & the US commits billions towards DAC
COP26 Outcomes: Review and Analysis
Carbon markets – COP26 closes biggest loopholes but lacks clarity on voluntary trade
COP26 President Closing Remarks
The Road to 10 Gigatons Game
Carbon removal hype is becoming a dangerous distraction
MIT Technology Review
July 8, 2021
CriticismCorporate pledges
Five rules for evidence communication
November 19, 2020
A comment article in Nature, offering quick tips and experience from evidence communication. In short: inform, not persuade; offer balance, not false balance; disclose uncertainties; state evidence quality and inoculate against misinformation (i.e. "prebunking" - address concerns or potential misunderstandings directly).
Evidence communication
Nan Ransohoff and Ryan Orbuch, Stripe Climate Team
My Climate Journey
September 4, 2020
A conversation with two key members of Stripe's climate team, who are responsible for the company's negative emissions commitment made in 2019.
Corporate pledgesPolicyOffsetsEconomics
Carbon Capture Projects Map
Third Way
July 18, 2018
Map of all active (operational, planned etc) carbon capture projects in the world. Good overview of what's going on where. Correct as of mid-2018.
Moving toward Net-Zero Emissions Requires New Alliances for Carbon Dioxide Removal
August 21, 2020
This gives some overview of CDR technologies and the barriers we face in scaling up their deployment (governance, policy, acceptability). It argues that industry, researchers, policy-makers and the public must come together to deliver.
EconomicsScaling upEvidence communicationPolicy
Academic Journal
Seven key things to know about negative emissions
Carbon Brief
June 1, 2018
Summarises three research papers which looked to understand the negative emissions space. 7 really useful pointers for key messages about carbon removal at the moment.
Carbon removal academy (free course)
John Sanchez
November 30, 2020
Academy with articles, videos and other useful resources split into different chapters. The Carbon Removal Academy is a useful course for getting up to speed with all things carbon removal.
Microsoft Carbon Removal portfolio
February 2, 2021
This visualisation details who and how much Microsoft is investing in to reach its carbon removal goals. Currently, the portfolio is dominated by forestry projects.
Corporate pledgesMeasuring CO2OffsetsTrees
Carbon Dioxide Removal Primer
Various authors
January 1, 2021
A summary of all things carbon dioxide removal related, written by several experts in the field. An invaluable resource, available as a book or freely available online.
Negative Emissions source materials
May 1, 2020
A link to applications completed by different CDR projects for support as part of Stripe's negative emissions commitment
Corporate pledgesOverview
Greenhouse gases must be scrubbed from the air
The Economist
November 16, 2017
An early introduction to the need for extracting CO2 from the atmosphere, for hard-to-abate sectors. Uses the example of Sweden's decarbonisation pledge.
Is there value in temporary carbon removal?
Robert Hoglund
August 11, 2021
This article argues that temporary carbon removal credits do very little in contributing to solving or slowing the carbon crisis, and offers some alternative strategies (especially for companies) for contributing towards solving the situation.
AgriculturePermanenceCorporate pledgesMeasuring CO2OffsetsCriticism
Decrement carbon: Stripe's negative emissions commitment
August 15, 2019
Stripe's announcement and rationale behind their negative emissions commitment
OffsetsCorporate pledges

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