#2 | Trees: should we just plant more?

#2 | Trees: should we just plant more?

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"The jingle which everyone quotes is the right tree in the right place" (Harriet Rix)

At first, the clear need for carbon removal begs the question - isn't that what trees do?

And they do - amongst a whole host of other benefits that they bring to our lives (tree-huggers exist for good reason).

Yet human activity certainly does not always display our gratitude for the value that trees bring us. With continued deforestation, raging wildfires and rising storm damage, our forests are facing a tough time.

So it's simple - plant more trees and protect the ones we have?

Well, sort of...

In this episode, Tom and Emily work through the complexities to understand the role that our forests may play in the carbon removal puzzle.

This episode's guests

Many thanks to our excellent guests in this episode:

  • Gert-Jan Nabuurs (Leading author on IPCC Report 6 for Land Management & Professor of European Forest Resources at Wageningen University)
  • Diego Saez Gil (CEO of Pachama)
  • Harriet Rix (Tree Science and Research Projects Manager at the UK charity The Tree Council)

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  • Emily Swaddle & Tom Previte - co-hosts
  • Ben Weaver-Hincks - producer
  • Henry Irvine - researcher
  • Sam Floy & Patrick Carter - project managers
  • Mercy Barno - editor
  • Sam Carter - music producer